Two Minutes Of Sunlight

Why do we pay for things that are free?

  • Water is free it falls from the sky.
  • Electricity and heating is free from the sun.
  • Water purification is free by copying nature's processes via bio-filtration fields.

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Buzzards Roost, Vacation Rentals, Joshua Tree, CA HERO Certified Contractor HERO

We provide energy efficient solutions. Products and services include: solar installation, rainwater harvesting, greywater branch termination and bio-filtration fields.

Free Photonic Energy

Why go Solar?

  • 30% federal rebate of the total cost of your solar system through PACE funds if you qualify (check with your tax professional), set to reduce annually 10% for the next three years starting January 2019. Example $15,000 solar system installed and Uncle Sam gives you $5,000 tax credit reducing your tax liability or a refund on next year's tax return. For more information click here.
  • PACE dollars are available through HERO financing and applied toward solar panel purchase. (We are a HERO certified contractor.)
  • Borrowed money is applied to property tax bill and is paid bi-annually in December and April when taxes are due.
  • Select loan options for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years.
  • Net Metering Agreement (NEM) allows you to receive up to 3.5 cents a kilowatt for your generation annually from electric company, set to expire 2016.
  • Solar panels can charge your electric vehicle and electric vehicle batteries can also backup your house.
  • Utility companies' dirty generation plants raise rates annually and reduce tiers raising prices and also charging an extra peak time fee from 2pm to 6pm when you use energy the most. Going solar is like a car payment. It is fixed. If you size your system properly, your payment is fixed and will never go up. And when finished paying for your system, you pay nothing for your electrical needs. Unless you use more energy than the system was built for.
  • Solar panels can be placed on the roof, shade structures, carports, cargo containers. We do not believe in ground mounted systems because if they are installed on the roof, they shade your home, stay cleaner and cooler.
  • Roof mounted panels provide shade making your home more efficient and you no longer have transmission costs. The electricity is already at your home coming off your roof. In the event of natural disaster, power down, you are energy secure because your production is on your roof and not 100's of miles away.