Water-Grey & Water Harvesting

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A Greywater System Barrel Gardens
Click this link for larger view of the Greywater System. Click this link to view building your Barrel Garden.

Purchase 4 or more barrels for free delivery within the Morongo Basin, otherwise pickup is available at 62323 Belmont Street, Joshua Tree, CA, 92252.

These barrels come in blue and green for 55 and 38 gallon drums. 55 gallon comes in plugtop (55 feed grade-$25) or screwtop ($40).

These totes are 135 gallon (275 gallon are $140).

Unveiling the gutter maker for rainwater harvesting.

Barrel Drums-25 & 38 Gallon Barrel Drums-135 Gallon The Gutter Maker

Greywater Bio-Filtration Fields

The best way to understand this concept is to check the CD Garbage Warrior by Mike Reynolds

Here is a link to the youtube video

Here is a link to the wikipedia

Greywater Branch Termination

The state allows a single stand-alone greywater branch termination system.

That's one shower, one bathtub, one lavatory, one laundry run out to a tree, bush, fill pit, covered with dried leaves and debris. (Kitchen sinks and toilets are not allowed because they are septic and should remain connected to your septic system per code.)

Rainwater Harvesting

Lessons learned:

The only real source of new, clean drinking water is rainfall. When you have a rainwater harvesting system

in place, (like 2000 gallons) it will be fillled in a month with rainfall. Instead of drinking water for toilets and watering, use free water off your roof!

Instead of using drinking water to flush toilets and water landscape, you can use your harvested water.

Here are a few links with more information:

Storage Stacking Barrels

Click this link for more information and installation instructions.